Here we introduce how reduce fat with natural medicine .So many people have disturbed about fat .They cant walk easily .They doing exercise without any result .For that every one mentally and physical unfit .

Brinjal is very helpful to reduce fat .if brinjal add with lemon its result become double .We have lot of natural treatments for that .Peoples treat so many unuseful medicine and they become fail that result .Brinjal is generally we can seen in kitchen .Brinjal is a very good natural medicine to reduce fat .Its more healpful one. Brinjal and lemon is get better result to reduce fat .Brinjal is very helpful to reduced fat in different types .Brinjal is more good for health also .Brinjal is more support to increase the water level of the body .It will be decrease the glucose level of blood .

Brinjal is very helpful to reduce cholestrol and it become to reduced fat also .Small lemon is part of the one to naturally support to reduce fat.


How to use for fat brinjal and lemon.Take a normal size bringal , one small lemon ,one litter of water and a glass jar are need to make the natural medicine.Clean the bringal and cut small pieces .Its more good is no cute more half inch.Put all into glass jar and put water.It u can put into fridge its very good.Because its will be mixed at easily .next day u can drink this water at four times .At morning u can drink with breakfast .Noon time and night dinner.Its very useful is u can drink before eating food.If u drink at every day u become healthy and without bad fat .It is a good diuretic also.every body have bad fat like water stored and get bad fat .If u drink it water will be decrease .And its very easy treatment for bad fat.