Any glitter liner for eyes shiny and attractive


One evening makeup trends that began to emerge in recent days was a liner glitter that we’ve seen in fashion shows fashion weeks and celebrity. This type of liner cover concerts and special events for its glossy appearance and audacious as it draws attention to your eyes and gives them a special charm. The best of any liner glitter is available in several forms and colors, is available on the pen, gel or liquid, and also there are many colors such as silver, gold, blue, green, pink, purple, etc. This makes it perfect for every woman to find out their favorite color and also the best way to put it. Here’s the important tips before you put any liner glitter:

1. to get the deep color and visible from any liquid or gel liner, apply first a liner dark (black or Navy) then drawing balglitr.

2. depending on the look you want a selection with eye liner glitter-only or add touches of black on the tip of the eye or a thin line bmhazeh eyelashes.


3. stay away from shades of eye color or dark, but use that converged to skin color like pink or beige. Also make sure to be shades of eye shadow powder and cream to last any liner.

4. avoid too stark or bright lipstick, you eventually champion exaggerated dispersion of the attractive eyes.

5. If you want to view more daring, you can paint it with liner cat eyes glitter it gives him and the magic of your eyes.

6. make sure to coordinate your clothes with color liner docking you choose, avoid contrasting colors or clothing.

7. as for accessories, preferably away from those twinkling very brightly or do not even make your look exaggerated.

8. it is essential when developing any liner glitter, several layers of black mascara to top and bottom lashes, more attractive to your eyes.

Try setting your liner glitter in the evening to come and tell us what you think.