Eat quail egg at three days :Here we are discussing about to eat the quail egg at three days you will get a good result and better changes in health .Every one thinking its very small egg how it will become useful .It is better than five hen egg  power to one quail egg.Do not power is calculating by quantity the powers belongs to quantity.In every ones they have the doubt to this much quantity why we do not use more .Because of the rare egg is quail egg and more expenses also.

If we think about our health we do not care about the money or expenses.We can look the different of five hen egg how much expenses same expenses in may be quail egg and same useful also and good quality also .Quail egg is the most demanded one also


What are the benefits of quail egg:It is more powerful one for  the body your body get strong and healthy .Quail egg is work on your born and teeth get stronger .Quail egg is most one of the medicine for brain,it support to the brain .Quail egg is medicine for cancer.Quail egg is medicine for digestion .Quail egg is medicine for Anemia .The most important one problem also you can get result for calcium kids and women .quail egg is good for medicine to aids  .

IF we can eat cook the quail egg or without cook at  freshly .Without cook is more quality and power to TB .Quail is the get a better result for the hair .every one is disturbed  about their hair drop .We can use quail egg for facial its powerful to keep us beauty and get us more cute .The quail egg is good medicine to body for all .Then why we do not try the medicinal egg . Quail egg is more important useful to heart get clean and healthy .