Even in the hands of God is a good medicine in protecting the liver


In the liver has large amounts of fat. 10% fat is fat burning. This is known as fat liver. There are two types of alcoholic fats. Liver is two types of fat liver .The sweet liver of the liver is the common fat found in many people .The main cause of alcohol infection is alcoholism .Better bad cholesterol
In the body, blood pressure, malnutrition and type 2 diabetes can cause fatty liver. We can spend many home crises and naturally give it comfort in the fatty liver.

1. Lemon contains Vitamin C liver enzymes which help in liver. These enzymes help to get the body’s toxins from the body.


Make a glass of half a lemon and drink a glass of water twice a day. Eating it regularly helps fat liver.

2. Green tea is one of the best remedies for fat liver .For example, eating four grams of green tea every day will help you lose weight. Reduce body fat

3. Turmeric is good for good digestion and prevents the liver to increase fat.

How to use and how to use: Put a glass of turmeric powdered glass of minced glass and drink this bottle twice a day .This lubricates the fat.

4) Pappaya has the ability to control the caries. To prevent fat burning, we need to use papaya seeds.

Fatty liver is a lifestyle diuretic. It helps in exercising at least 30 minutes a day
Avoid these medical conditions.