Gold Found in Smartphones


The golden discourse for the development of technology. The average consumption of 375 tons of gold in the last five years is the “technology industry”. According to the data, eight percent of the world’s demand for gold is in the technology sector.During the quarter ended September 30, gold consumption was 84.2 tons. This is two percent higher than the July-September 2016 consumption. Consumption of the electronics industry increased by three percent.

The demand for gold is in the process of building smartphones and LED 3D sensors. As the popularity of smartphones and other products increases, the consumption of gold will increase.In computers, memory calendars, memory chips, transistors and printed circuit boards have gold in hybrid circuits, space vehicles, satellites and telescopes.


The demand for gold has increased due to the nano particles widely used in the medical and water purification sectors. Some Ayurvedic medicines and the gold of the isotopes used for cancer treatments need gold. Gold has also played a role in the configuration of the threads.

The reason behind the industry is that gold is the best in terms of heat and power, and the advantages of molybotillosidad and the nature of fiber switching.In the south, Taiwan, China, Japan, Italy and Switzerland, gold is being used in the industry. The electronics industry in Japan uses around 150 tons of gold per year.