Some Hair Grey Natural Tips


Need hair brush from time to time to proper cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and oils. It is not correct to dismiss your hair clean and wet the brush with this much dust, germs! So we give you here the ideal way to clean hair brush at home …

The tips are given below

1. start by ridding the teeth brushing of the accumulated hairs on them, you can do so by wide-tooth comb or pen or toothpick.
2. it’s time to clean the brush, there are two ways to do this; if the brush made of plastic, cover the pot filled with water and shampoo for two minutes. If the brush hollow or fitted with airbag bottom teeth, prefers to use the old toothbrush and soaked it in shampoo and scrubbing brush teeth.


3. after completion of the cleaning brush with shampoo, rinse with warm water.
4. leave the brush without use for at least an hour to dry completely. In the case of the brush with the airbag so you can hold the top outdoor facial so when water drops falling from the brush wet.
Note: depending upon the number of times the brush must be on the frequency of use, and in each case, preferably washed once a week to ensure the preservation of healthy and clean.