Health Problems Due To Wifi Router..


Wifi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children.Some ways wifi modem affects human health are explained below..

1 Contributes to the development of insomnia
With feel more awake then over Wi-Fi or even to sleep through the night? Reports of this phenomenon became more frequent and also requested a study in 2007, the modulation of low frequency of cell phones and assessed their impact on sleep. The participants were exposed to the electromagnetic signals of actual phones or there is no sign of fake mobile phones. Electromagnetic radiation had exposed a much harder to sleep time and changes of brain wave patterns were observed.

2 Damage points, the development of children
Radiation exposure of non-thermal radio frequency of Wi-Fi and cell phones can interfere with normal cell development, especially the fetal development. An animal study linked 2004-suspension, the delayed development of the kidney.


3. It affects cell growth
If experienced a group of Danish ninth class concentration difficulties to sleep with the phone to the ear through the head, carried out an experiment to test the impact of wireless Wi-Fi router in the watercress.

4. The brain function derailed
As well as Danish high school students concentration problems noted, scientists have begun, the impact of the radiation of 4 G in the function of the brain. Using MRI technology reduces the research carried out only last year is that radiation of 4 G people exposed several areas that had brain activity.

5. It reduces the activity of the brain in women
A group of 30 healthy volunteers, 15 men and 15 women, were given a simple test of memory. Of all until the entire group was without any Wi-Fi radiation tested, there is no problem. Then, put on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from a wireless access point for about 45 minutes. In the tests, a remarkable change of brain activity and energy levels had measured brain activity and women.