Hidden features defined for the first time on the Samsung Galaxy S5


After the media issue Samsung Galaxy “S5” disappointing in terms of design, and a lot of adhesive medical injuries in Ilan, maybe missed the “Samsung” in design, but in terms of features, it is so let us review some of the features without other phones

Auto playlist
If you listen to a favorite song on my S5, you can tilt the phone horizontally to automatically search for all the songs on the phone and that is similar to the type of music you listen to, and run automatically without any user intervention.

An outdoor pen
Features phone S5 with the ability to receive orders through the main screen using more than one finger at a time, so the phone can be controlled using an external pen, to design programs, all you have to do is go to device settings and increase the sensitivity of the screen to work with pen with ease and speed.

Through the small white icon that appears on the home screen, users can create a Toolbox or a small toolbar appears on the screen and includes applications that depend on each user on a daily basis at the end of its work.


Hide files
The device has a new feature that allows users to hide images and applications you want to hide, and through the settings menu, select the application you want to hide, and then use the secret code can anyone see the file only after you use the symbol to show hidden file.

The situation of children
The device includes a dedicated to children, with a simple user interface allows them to move the application to another, and gaming experience for children in a snap, without referring to critical applications and games for adults.

You can access the camera from the home screen by moving the application’s icon in the side of the screen, it helps you take pictures featured very quickly, before you miss the scene.

Connect with your friends
Feature Priority Senders, you can access the list of close friends very quickly, so the application can rely on messages and more people connected with you, to find them at the beginning of the list of numbers without any extra effort.

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