How many dangerous roads in the world

Here we are talking about the most dangerous roads in the world .The most dangerous roads mean its very high difficult to drive and travel.So many of the people thinking about the small roads .We do not say about the small we say about the dangerous it is mean you can face to face your death .

How many dangerous roads and where are they ?:The most dangerous roads is five .which are they its given below.

1.Trans Siberian highway:this is located in Russia .Its very long dangerous way its more than eleven thousand kilometers with the same .This road you want to drive across the rivers and it is very dangerous one

2. Stelvio pass road :this road is in Italy .Its is most of the part is in mountains .This road is very difficult to drive it is more than three hundred kilometers in this road how we canot drive because of S model roads

3. Cotopaxi Valcano road ;it is the third one in Ecuador .This also very dangerous road in the world its very cold area .That why the vehicle  become damage and we stuck that place it is very difficult to drive.It is more streams


4.The James Dalton Highway :this highway in Alaska .this is also dangerous and difficult to drive you are thinking how .this road is not in mountain or hill or river  .any thing it is inside  the pipe it is more than two hundred eighty kilometers long.Here in cause of emergency no one come to save you because here not travel any one now  the government put a helicopter to petrol this road .

5. Daikon Jima Bridge : this road is in Japan .this is the last one of the same category roads in the world this road is like a zigzag bridge this is more chance to death .now we want to say another road is same its in United Kingdom that roads call A44 this also a dangerous roads in the world if you watch the video you afraid to drive ..