HOW TO RELIEF FROM PILES  if any one have piles  they are very disturbed about this problem .Its very shame to share with any one they cant sit at easily .Here we discus about the natural treatment of piles at easy way .Somany treatment doing for piles but its not get you good resutl

HOW WE  KNOW PILES :piles is showing at your back ass or up of your asshole its showing like a growing vain .Sometimes its show front side also .We have six muscles up of the back ass. Thats why may be you will come more than six moles.Its mean the six vain are growing .Its is the very difficult stage in piles.If u opreat after also its come again .its very daingers place and its very difficult to treat .


Thats why every one want to careful about asshole when its come its getting you shame and pain for sitting ,walking ,standing ,sleeping any thing you cant do.when you want to go to toilet that time its same like to give a message to blood .Its start the job to stop all blood and the bleeding will come asshole after the toilet its back to normal .But the pain is still.

Four types 1.ulcer 2. pistula 3.fishers 4. piles

Ulcer:ulcer is moles come to your moles like a drity .Some have more pain in stomatch at thats time they get the moles broke of lips.thats is ulcer

pistula: If any one have moles or pimbles comes on front of ass or down side of ass or behind of assholes if have moles .That moles at two weeks or more after its broken may its broken in month or after six month its beccome red color and broken .If that time smell also through out from the hole .Some times its come the shit smell also its mean you have pistula  .