How to know our heart lifespan


How to know our heart lifespan:Here we are discussing about how to know our heart beats problem can find out easily because of some tips.We can easily understand our lifespan of the heart. We are thinking how to understand the lifespan of the heart.We can find the  lifespan of heart tips.Than shown in your legs fingers .

Every part of our body will connect to our fingers ,in heart that will connect to the legs thump. That why we can understand the situation of the heart.We can get an solution . If heart beat when stop its means our life is finish or we dead. So many peoples have some problems in heart they can not know that way we want to leave our family. That why check our heart lifespan and stay in healthy and treat for the heart very well.We are share some tips to find our heart lifespan.

Tips to find the heart lifespan


We can care our check the situation step by step.Firstly we can find from legs thump. Mostly we can find what you feel .

The first tip is fix the legs on floor and stay straight the legs and check if we can touch our legs thump.If we can touch at easily its mean our heart is very healthy and flexible. If we try to touch when that time we can get pain in back position its mean the situation is not good .its mean the problem will start .If we can not get to touch its mean we should be want to take an action at quickly.Same way we sit and when you try that time you get pain legs also its mean.quickly we want to meet a cardiologist .Because heart is in very bad condition . It mean we are in bad condition.this thing research in us.