Here we are discussing about how to clean the teeth get white color .Every one are very depressed about their teeth color become yellow .Its need a only two minute treatment.

Too many peoples are very sad about their teeth is color by yellow how many times they brush but no result .Teeth is the important part of body to show our personality. some have not laugh at well   because of their  color of teeth. Now you can relief from that . Dont become sad we tell u a easy treatment for yellow teeth  . Now we can get the results in minute . suppose our smile  is get good friends ,opportunity ,our personality,its showing of all .


Thats why every one need the beautiful teeth and many peoples dream also .Only two minute we want to get your teeth at white. Then how to we make it .a small trick for getting white teeth its only in two minute .dont want to see any dentist for white teeth.Some times for the white teeth treat with dentist and waste more money .Now you dont want to go anywhere  .you can treat in your homes .For this you only need the baking soda and small lemon

How to use take a bowl and put one tea spoon of baking soda and cut the lemon at two peaces .Take one peace of lemon put the essence of lemon into the bowl .Mix it at very hardly the medicine is ready .After that take a tissue or buts and clean the teeth at first . Take the medicine with napkin or tissue or buts and out into teeth .

Two minute put into teeth this medicine .After two minute wash the mouth at cleanly . What you suppose to think you will get the result .Its change your yellow color of teeth and get your teeth strong.Its help to get your teeth healthy and shiny white .