Is it Bad For Your Health to Really Cross Your Legs?


Is it bad for you to really cross your legs?
When you sit in a Chair, how you like to do it? Many people prefer to cross one leg over the other.
Others prefer not to do it and sit on public transportation with knees apart, squeeze through those who are by his side.

This second group would have perhaps liked an advertising campaign launched in the United States in 1999 in which a dietary supplements company encouraged people to stay healthy while keeping their legs without crossing a day.
But it is actually healthier not to cross your legs? The list of alleged consequences of spending too much time with one knee over the other include from an increase of blood pressure, until you have varicose veins or nerve damage, but should examine each one of them to see what’s true.

It is true that if you spend too much time in the same position, at the end you can sleep to the leg or foot. This is because cross legs can put pressure on the nerve Peroneal located behind the knee, which makes you to have that feeling in the lower legs and feet.But it is a temporary feeling.


Keep a same position for many, many hours, can, however, cause a condition called nerve palsy Peroneal, which causes that you can not lift the front of your foot and your fingers part.

But when in a study conducted in South Korea the notes taken by a series of patients were analyzed to identify the causes, among them it was not sitting with one leg on the other.
In reality, the numbness of the legs in the long term is a consequence unlikely cross legs, because we tend to change position as soon as we are uncomfortable.

And the pressure?
What with the blood pressure? When check you it, the doctor or nurse tend to ask that you support the arm on a Chair or table and descruces legs, with feet on the ground.This is makes if crossing legs are increasing the blood pressure, which would give the same altered reading.