Here we are discussing about the uses of mint, guava leafs and bird eye chilly.Every ones know these items are seen in every where. But we do not know these are the medicines for more problems. Mint ,guava leafs and bird eye chilly are very useful to our body and its help to become healthy. Commonly we waste these items.Because this things are not any expenses or we can see any where its growth at very easily.


Guava leafs are useful for more Ayurvedic medicines.It is very useful one to our health.Guava leafs protect from the stacho come to sugar. Guava leafs is help to loos weight. Take the guava leafs wash and put into one and half litter of pure water and boil the water if u drink at three times at daily u can relief from the stomach pain. If guava leafs mixed with water and massage to our nose u can see the magic the blackness will cleared.If guava leafs mixed like juice and drink at three times in a day you will get healthy and cooling to ur body. Also its help to protect from the vegetable bacteria.



Bird eye chilly is very taste but is more important one of the ayurvedic medicine. This is very cheep price also. We know the bird eye chilly is very hot after also how much hot that much benefits to our health.Eat daily at five bird eye chilly you can maintain the cholesterol of our body. We can put the bird eye chilly into the cooking oiled foods its good from bad fats. its help to protect from the blood pressure ,heart block .


Mint is very important content of ayuvedic medicines.Mint is mostly use to problem of headache.I we have head ache at continues its very good to eat every day mint leafs.We can eat at freshly its good to our health.Mint leafs eat at daily three times three leafs its very help to clean our blood. If we eat at daily at early morning the mint leafs its can help to protect from the problems of stone.Mint is protect from the all virus

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