New born babies with Placenta will Made your Day


A child is in pain, hundreds of times more than what we have heard everything. After her mother in a long period of 9 months, the baby will be. but, you know that after delivering a child, plaċenta to keep the fetus along with her mother and all the necessary nutritional intake can also some heavily. More often, it is removed from the newborn child.

Here, I have gone through the stages of birth very different place, where mothers took my touch of your newborn baby, United to the placenta photos. I have no words to define what a view in these photos made me feel. When I started to see the Gallery, it was empty, but when you scroll down, it had lost I love this amazing creation by us.

1. take a picture of a child in plaċenta is a ritual of birth with the maori tradition.


2.A story is there behind this picture

A practice called ‘lotus birth’ was followed by the parents in which the placenta is left attached to a baby until it dries up and gets detached naturally.



3.This is awesome


4.Cutness overloaded in this picture


5.Salute to the photographer