Some reasons that deprive your sleeping baby


Believing that the children go to sleep immediately when it got dark, it is a false belief and rare. During the first two months of life, newborns sleep for between 12 to 18 hours a day, according to an irregular schedule. During the period between 3 to 6 months of age, begin sleeping more, and children ages 3 months and up to 14 or 15 hours of sleep (NAPs). When the child reaches 9 months they begin to sleep at night. Here are the top reasons for depriving your child of sleep:

1. you help sleep

If the parents have a child is asleep in his bed every night, it won’t get used to sleeping alone, may turn to cry to get what he wants in order to back up again to sleep. Therefore, you should put the baby in his bed when I feel sleepy, not asleep, slumbering learns that even on its own even if I wake up in the middle of the night.

2. feeling very tired

Young children who are in school are highly mobile emotion, if they get enough sleep, and this may make them more resistant to eternity. It is important, therefore, to establish specific dates for sleeping and waking and napping of children of that age.

3. concerned by the separation

They talk and sing and the rocking this period has turned into a bad habit of waking up at night. When the child reaches six months, must be encouraged to sleep alone. Talk to him gently and Pat on the back, but don’t upload it or you feed him. Night lighting can be used to soothe children Dim are afraid of the dark.

4. the absence of specific sleep schedules

Do the same things every night before going to sleep, help the child to understand the difference between waking up and going to sleep. Put a timetable appropriate to the age of the child to go to bed and a fabulous cover bathing, bedtime story, snack, then lights out. Must have the same routine every day and go to your child’s room. Experts say it could start developing this system, when a child is 4 months.

5. waking up at night

Whatever the reasons, there are some children resist the idea of immortality, and invent reasons to stay vigilant as long as possible. Being strict but reassuring at the same time. Your visit must be a shorter time. Bone growth! options for bedtime activities, not bedtime.

6. not enough NAP getting

If children get enough sleep during the day, it is difficult to have eternity to sleep at night. Most children need two or three hours a day of napping. Most children need a siesta until the age of 5 years. If your child feels sleepy, let it get napping, but make sure to only be close to the date of his sleep, and do not ignore others date his siesta.

7. sleep apnea


Sometimes children can’t sleep because of respiratory failure due to bronchial obstruction caused by enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Usually these children suffer from loud snoring, this disease is more common from the age of 3 to 7 years. And be treated either by surgery or wearing a mask for the nose at night.

8. snoring

Many children suffer from snoring due to apnea or seasonal allergies, colds, etc. If the snoring does not make your child sleep, is suffering from apnea, astkhdan nasal sprays.

9-nightmares and night fears

Harmless disturbing dreams. The children suffer from nightmares and night fears, make sure he gets enough sleep, and if he suffers from disturbing dreams constantly seek medical advice.

10. Sir while you sleep

Children with night terror also suffer from walking during sleep. If your baby is walking in his sleep, you wake him up not to feel fear. Instead his guide gently back to bed again, and make the surrounding area safe, it is better to close the doors.

11-allergy and asthma

Some medical conditions of children deprived of sleep, such as blocked nose due to allergies, colds and asthma. For infants, may cause colic or earaches and teething pain in difficulty sleeping.

12. common drugs

Some drugs may lead to difficulty sleeping, such as decongestants and antihistamines to treat colds and allergies.

13. teenage biological clock

Circadian changes during adolescence, making them more alert at night and feel sleepy in the morning. Try to cope with this change, you make your teenager to his duties at night and slept a bit late. But he should get 8 hours of sleep a day.

14. use a toy or favorite purpose

Sometimes, it is useful to use a favorite toy or pacifier helps your baby to sleep. And the same purpose-filled games and give reassurance in the heart of your child.

15. make your bedroom the best

Make sure that your child’s room a pretty nice because that will help him sleep. Make sure to turn off the lights and temperature. Make sure you wear light, comfortable clothing, and shut the doors to be calm.

16. make the appropriate amount of sleep for your baby

You should know that children ages 5 to 10 years require at least 10 hours of sleep a night. So it would be easy to sleep half an hour after entering the bed and one easily the next day.

17. cut off the use of electronic devices at bedtime

The presence of electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptop and video games make the brain work, making it difficult for your child and teenager to sleep and when you wake up feeling sleepy. So it’s better to keep this device out of the bedroom.

18. stress and burnout

One reason for difficulty sleeping in children and adolescents is the fatigue and stress, may be due to concerns about alwagba