The Best Time To Take A Shower


DO NOT TOUCH OUR SOME PART OF BODIES BY HAND :                                        We would like to inform you that we don not touch some of our body parts by hand.We know every one have thinking why can not touch ,its our body like this,But we are saying that because of heath protection. We should be want  to stay in healthy and wealthy. What you know about your body every parts has some separative uses. but some parts we touch by hand how many have know it is not good for health.

We can check which parts are that and why can not.

1)Inside of the ears :If we put inside of ears because of some itching or some ones habits,but it is not a good. It is become to infection at easily and quickly.After also our inside of ears are very softly and its become bleeding .


2) eyes:In eyes are at itching time we itching by hand we can see at every where. But the doctors are give the instruction do not itching our eyes after also we itching. If in our get any damaged or problems come that way we get the infection.

3)Inside of mouth:In a  research in United of Kingdom that will shown us in an hour if any one put our hands more than twenty three or more times put the hands inside to mouth. The infection of the hands will goes through into mouth and it we get us  more problem and we become a patient.

4)inside of nose: These are the same way to become a patient after also our inside of nose surface is very smooth and soft skin,it will bleeding at quickly .

5)Down part of nails: In our legs and hands nails if we put the hand in this way we will affect the infections and bacteria are located to that area thats way the infections comes.