What is your blood group?



Here we are discussing about our blood groups .All blood group has so many types of features. We can identify the patients from the blood group. Here we are talking about the benefit and problems of the blood group. Most of them have the rare blood groups.in  this cause in cause of emergency so many persons will dead with out get the blood in blood bank. In this cause we can say the main point is every one have different types of personality and different mental minds because of the blood group .how many have know  about this .I think not more . Then we can talk about the foods.In these cause also we can separate about the blood groups .Mostly we can see the one of the proper blood group is o+ve…this blood group persons cant do some  thing and they cant eat some foods whats are they its given below


 o+ve This blood persons have better other groups they have the leadership quality and they have more energy also the report of the scientist. They have very clever and they doing the good jobs in their works its also a benefit..But the scientific saying they cant drunk because they get big problems the study will proving .

Then this blood group persons have more chance to get the thyroid .this group peoples have get fat. This blood group persons have acidity more in their stomachs that is why they get  quickly angry and may be they can control their self ..This blood group persons can eat the  coffee its very good for this blood group peoples . But from another blood group peoples have better  but  its rare group .in cause of emergency they cant get the blood groups ..I think its is a rare and good information because we can care from theses and we can guess over problems before to meet the doctors