You can get rid of the pain in your ear


The human body is divided into three parts – the outer ears, the inner ear. Ear infections are often visited by an ear specialist. There are two main types of ear infections – otitis media and otitis externa. Mainly infants and children are responsible for middle age infection. The tertiary ear is known to have an external ear infection. Men’s infection is usually seen in winter as boys. The ear is not infection.

Signs of Otitis media

Signs of the Otitis media are below

Pain and headache in the infected ear

• Fever and disease fever

The earliest hearing is the earliest problem

In some cases, disorder

• Fluid discharge from infected ear

• Vomiting.

Symptoms of Oriente Extension

Signs of Otitis externa below

Ginger of the affected ear

Discharge from the infected ear

The movements of the ear lobby or the hips are painful

Temporary shortcomings in hearing

• A little fever

Inflammation in the ear.

Causes for Otitis media

The main cause of Otitis media is to prevent osteoenic tube due to allergic reactions, allergic reactions or some overseas particles. This causes the liquid to be built in the ear. If this flu is infected with the virus, it may cause inflammation of the ear drum. If Adidine Glands interact with the Eddeston Tube, it can cause Atticus Media. The immune system can not prevent the immune system.

The causes of otitis externa

Otitis externa is caused by bacteria or nudity. This gives the moisture and moisture to the growth of bacteria or fungi. The usual swimming or presence of water increases the risk of infection. Skin allergies can cause tertiary nerves.

Other causes of ear infections

Inadequate malnutrition, allergies and other infections can also cause ear infections.

Infected ear remedies


Add a few drops of garlic juice to the infected ear. Use 12 to 15 inches black dryer from your head, which will remove any water stuck in the Estacian tube. Put a little olive oil on a warm calendar. Insert 2 to 3 drops in each ear. Put a few drops of lobia and gently rub them into the ear. Wash your ears with circulating silver silver, which is natural antibiotic. Wash the mango leaf juice with a teaspoon and heat the ears and put them in the ear.

Ear infection: suggested user suggestions

Adding Vitamin C increases the amount of zinc

Take vitamin C to strengthen your immune system, which will help you to fight your infection. Increase the excess zinc, which reduces ear infections. It contains a lot of calcium. Avoid processed foods and hydrogen oils. Breastfeeding infants to infection.

Other suggestions for ear infections

Smoking cigarettes do not prevent eustachian tubes, so do not smoke. Avoid the cold crowd. Wash your hands regularly. Avoid touching the nose and the eye.

Useful medicinal properties for the treatment of ear infections and goats

– The sacred nail, or mint called “Ocimum sanctum”, which helps you to solve problems. The juice extracted from the leaves should be used as ear drops. These benefits were included in the children who experience hearing problems.
Media. The immune system can not prevent the immune system.

ear infections and acne foods

Such foods in the hands of a patient with ear problems will not be affected by Hippocrates.

Avoid bananas, watermelon, orange, papaya and cucumber. These foods will increase the risk of common cold. This will only worsen the ear problem. For all the same reason all refrigerators should be avoided.

The values ​​of ear problems are onion, ginger and garlic. Turmeric is very good and should be used to feed it.